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  • We provide affordable Web design solutions for small business owners. No one has ever turned down one of our estimates because we always come in under budget.


  • We can design your site from scratch or update your current site to be compatible with current technologies, readable on mobile devices, socially networked and SEO rich.


  • Affordable Web Design Solutions is our promise; as is our true dedication to efficiency so your site is indexed immediately and your new customers can find you quickly and easily.

Affordable Web Design Solutions

When the budget is tight, our affordable Web design solutions will make your vision a reality. When the time is right for growth you may find the right tools in our Basic or Standard package. And when you’re ready to kick it into high gear, we have everything you need to put your business marketing and brand over the top.

  • Responsive: Every site is built to respond to varying screen sizes
  • Custom: Every page layout is custom-designed to fit your needs
  • SEO: We install and tweak SEO on every site we build
  • Networking: We install Social Networking on every site we build
Affordable Web Design Solutions at My Design Crew


A perfect way to start. Get your name out there and secure your place on the Web. A place for people to find you, see what you do, and know how to contact you. Also, this package allows you to start learning how to update your site.

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When you are ready to talk a bit more about your products and service offerings, install better optimization for higher ranking in search engines, and provide more attractions for potential customers, this may be the perfect size site for your needs.

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Many business Web sites have 10-20 pages of content. This allows for more pages being indexed by search engines which means more customers will find you. We offer additional business building and reporting tools with this package.

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Full business design package that includes premium business Web site with unlimited pages, Social Networks branding, premium business cards, newsletter design, promotional ads, article generation, premium SEO and more.

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