Why Should You Rely On My Graphic Team
For Their Design & Marketing Needs?

There are some distinct reasons why our clients choose My Graphic Team when it comes to their marketing.
Here’s why you should consider discussing your marketing with us:

Invested in Your Success

Here at My Graphic Team we are completely invested in your success and work on your business as though it was ours. We become a part of your team and help you do what it takes to succeed.

Tried & Tested Strategies

The marketing we prescribe is not just theory or “best practice”, it is strategies that we have tried, tested and had success with. We know what works in today’s market and will keep you ahead of the curve with all your marketing endeavours.

Integrated Marketing

We take a holistic approach to your marketing and understand no single strategy works alone. Your online marketing, offline marketing and sales processes need to work in unison like a well-oiled machine to reliably deliver leads and convert them into sales.

Implementation Services

The best part is that we don’t just give you ideas… We also give you the tools to implement the strategies and can guide you through it or just do it for you. For the tasks that aren’t our strengths we have a great network of businesses we trust that we can point you to.

Lead Generation Strategies

Lead Generation is imperative for your success. Many businesses tell me that they are built on word of mouth, which is great news because it means you are providing great products and services and pleasing your customers. The only problem when your business is solely built on word of mouth is that you can’t predict or control the flow of leads.

The aim of lead generation is to create marketing systems that reliably deliver leads to you at a reasonable price. Once the system is in place it’s just a matter of deciding how much work you need and adjusting the marketing spend to deliver that.


Sales Conversion Strategies

When most businesses are feeling the pinch, they focus on trying to get more leads. But one of the quickest and easiest ways that you can make a big increase in profit is by optimising your sales conversion process.

Only a certain proportion of people who make an enquiry with your business actually go on to become a customer. All businesses have their own sales process, for some there is a quote stage, and a proposal stage and for others it’s people walking into a store. No matter what your process is, there are countless strategies you can implement to improve the likelihood of those leads converting into sales.


Customer Retention Strategies

Keeping your clients coming back is just as important as attracting new ones. Existing clients are usually easier to sell to, they are better educated about what you do and they already trust you. They are also a great source of referrals.

There are many different strategies you can implement to show customer appreciation and get your customers to purchase more often, spend more and refer more business your way.


Sales & Process Automation

Chances are your existing systems can be improved and certain steps can be completely automated. If you have never considered having someone review the automation of your business then you will be amazed at what can be done with technology in today’s world for an incredibly low investment.

The aim of automated processes and sales procedures is to save time and eliminate errors. Pretty much any tasks that need to be repeated regularly can be automated and for some businesses they can save hundreds of dollars per week by eliminating unnecessary low value tasks.


Low or No Cost Marketing Strategies

Not all marketing strategies need to cost you money, there are many low or no-cost strategies that can be implemented and deliver impressive results. Usually these strategies take a little bit of ongoing time to implement, but if cash is tight, these are great ways to bring some business in the door without investing any money up front.


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