Why Should You Rely On My Graphic Team
For Your Web & Design Needs?

There are some distinct reasons why our clients choose Paperclip Designs when it comes to their website.
Here’s why you should consider getting a quote for your website:

Truly Responsive Websites

You want your design to be ‘visually appealing’ – but we delve deeper to create visually appealing designs that generate leads and sales. If you send us something and we have ideas on how to improve it, we will make the suggestions.

Designed by One Person

You need to be confident with what you present to your clients. We ensure you are beaming with confidence about your design. We guarantee our designs and if you don’t love it then we don’t expect you to pay for it.

Focused on Generating Leads

Some people don’t know what they want, others know exactly what they want and they want someone who will listen and actually do as directed. – We are flexible and we can work with all types of clients.

Super Fast Turn Around

Getting your design done quickly is important to ensure deadlines are met. We turn-around design within 4 business days, usually sooner. And can ‘express the turnaround’ if necessary.

Websites For Start-Ups

To be taken seriously as a business you need a Website. Facebook pages, and other social media accounts are important, but a well-designed website conveys a level of professionalism that gives your customers confidence that you are legitimate.

Having been a start-up multiple times, and having worked with hundreds of start-ups I have seen the various mistakes that can be made and can help you avoid them. One of the biggest mistakes I see is that start-ups over-invest and spend more than they should on a website.

Start ups should keep it lean, get something affordable and get something that is heavily focused on generating new leads. That way you can makes some good money and then re-invest in something more extravagant once business is booming.

Also I can guarantee that if you are a start-up, partnering with me will be the best move you can make to kick-start your business success. I get the biggest kick out of seeing start-ups succeed and hope to be a part of your success.


Website Redesigns

If you had your website designed prior to 2014, with the way things have been changing in the digital space, then it is highly likely your website needs a redesign to continue to give you the best results.

I love doing redesigns the most because of the reactions I get afterwards when people are getting all these additional leads and enquiries. – When someone has had a dud site, they appreciate one that converts well.

Often a key component of redesigns is making sure that it is responsive and looks good, functions and generates enquiries on both mobile devices and desktops. Many companies claim to make “mobile responsive websites” and they just make sure it displays on all devices. But there is so much more involved, the position of webforms, buttons and image sizes all needs to be considered on different devices and be adjusted to optimise conversions.

I’ll be upfront… I rarely just tweak existing websites, usually I rebuild it from the ground up because I want to squeeze every opportunity to improve conversions and I know in the long run the ROI for you is worth it.

The upside to redesigns is that we’ve got a bunch on content already and it’s usually much quicker and cheaper than a brand new site.


One Page Websites

One-Page websites are pretty trendy at the moment and they are quick and easy to put together. Which means you save!

Consumer behaviour is changing and with many service based businesses people don’t want to “browse” a multi-page website. All they want to know is “Can they do it?”, “Are they good?” and “How do I get in touch to get a quote?”

The one page website is perfect for lead generation because we design the site in a way that it gives your customers everything they need to make a decisions and contact you. These pages even have menus across the top which navigate to sections on the page, which means the site still looks robust.


Lead Generation Websites

Every site we create is geared up to generate leads, but even if you have an existing website that doesn’t convert well and you want to create a second website entirely dedicated for lead generation to run facebook ads or google adwords and generate traffic, we can help you out.

Lead generation is important and traffic is a poor indicator of website success. One website we worked on for a client was receiving approx. 2500 visitors per month. With that traffic they were only getting about 8 enquiries per month… The call-to-action was simply a contact us page with a webform (the standard of most web design companies).

Instead we rebuilt the website and optimised it for lead generation. We re-wrote the content, improved the styling and positioned the benefits, then gave the users two options throughout the site to get in touch – “Speak with an expert” or “Download our Product Catalogue”. – Both options required the customers to fill out a webform providing a name, email and phone number. Then the sales team could phone them and see if they could assist.

It now receives 180 enquiries per month with no increase in traffic. (That’s over 20 times more leads)– That is the sort of difference that lead generation focus can do for your business!


eCommerce Websites

The great thing about living in today’s world is that no longer are people afraid to buy online. E-commerce websites used to cost $10,000+ and were clunky and difficult to run. These days e-commerce sites are much easier to use and it’s a great feeling watching the orders roll-in day after day.

E-commerce sites are different to normal websites and need to be treated as such. There is a lot more that needs to be communicated to give someone the confidence to part with their money through a shopping cart online. The process needs to be professional and secure in order for people to feel safe.

Whether you need a simple eCommerce site with a dozen products, or are looking to sell thousands of products online, we can create a website that works for you and give you the tools to easily add new products and change products so that you are fully in control.


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